Schoenberg, E. Randol, 1966-

Collection, 1989-1997: 3 boxes (18 folders (2043 leaves, 1 periodical, 1 microfilm reel, 1 video cassette)

Randol Schoenberg--son of Ronald R. Schoenberg, and the grandson of Arnold Schoenberg. He studied mathematics at Princeton University, graduating in 1988, and received his law degree at the University of Southern California (1991). He practices law in Los Angeles.


clippings (17 items: 1989-1997), Cahn, S., 1994. "Atonal Music: Mind Products" (1p.) Cherlin, St., 1997. "Juilliard Quartet celebrates Jubilee", JUF, p. 46 Cotton, M., 1996. "Schoenberg exposed", BBC Music Magazine, p. 59 (1p.) Doucelin, J., 1994. "Schönberg en peniche" (1p.) Gradenwitz , P., 1989. "'Die Jakobsleiter' ist ein Schlüsselwerk Schönbergs" (1p.) Griffiths, P., 1997. "In Schoenberg's Madhouse, a Comedy", New York Times (2p.) Hewett, I., 1996. "Schoenberg/Stravinsky/Strauss", BBC Music Magazine, p. 72 (1p.) Martelli, E., 1994. "E vent'anni dopo l'opera arriva anche in compact disc" (1p.) Martelli, E., 1994. "Ma ci vuole il terzo atto, dove Mosè mostra la via" (1p.) Martinez, R., 1993. "...the Emergence of L.A.'s True Identity" (1p.) Messinis, M., 1994. "Due idee del sacro" (1p.) Plush, V., 1996. "They could have been ours" (6pp.) Rohde, G., 1996. "Drama der Sprachlosigkeit" (1p.) Ross, A., 1995. "In Music, Though, There Were No Victories" (2pp.) Schoenberg , E.R., 1993. "Arnold Schoenberg" (1p.) Tedeschi, R., 1994. "Titanico Schönberg Il 'Maggio' approda alla terra promessa" (1p.) Villatico, D., 1994. "Il fuoco di Mehta nel Verbo di Mosè" (1p.)
correspondence (1 item: 1996) with R. Wayne Shoaf
genealogy materials (1994-1997): correspondence (2 items: 1995-1996) with Dr. Andreas Heusler and R. Wayne Shoaf letter of 25 Sept. 1994 (8pp.), with enclosures: "Jontof-Hutter Family Tree" (5pp.) "Kolisch/Hoffmann Family Tree" (6pp.) "Schwarz Family Tree" (4pp.) "Zeisl/Reichmann/Feitler Family Tree" (4pp.) "Katscher/Jellinek Family Tree" (2pp.) address list (3pp.) newspaper articles (photocopies) Stolberg and Meyer, 1994. "Judge Denies Simpson got Special Treatment in '89" (3pp.) Gilbert, 1994. "O.J. Simpson's Sentence for Spouse Abuses Was Right" (1p.) [1994?] "Obituary: Death of popular Bray teacher a sad blow to family and friends" (1p.) letter of 7 Oct. 1995 to extended family, with enclosures: cover letter (3pp.) address list (2pp.) copy of 1995 fax from Erich Arthold and Elisabetta Hartl (1p.) hotel rates (1p.) details of upcoming reunion (3pp.) "Jontof-Hutter Family Tree" (9pp.) "Hoffmann Family Tree" (4pp.) "Kolisch Family Tree" (9pp.) letter of 9 Apr. 1997 to extended family: cover letter (7pp.) address list (2pp.) photograph collage (1p.) microfilm copy and photocopy, 1994 (9pp.) of Hungarian Census 1828, Nogrod County, Szegény #242
miscellaneous: Schoenberg FBI file (copy)
programs (4 items, 1994-1995)
press release (1996) for Deutsche Grammophon 2-CD 449 174-2, Moses und Aron, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, conducted by Pierre Boulez
video recording (Pierre Boulez, Speech on Moses und Aron, Schoenberg Exhibit, Salzburg Festival, Aug. 1996)
Westlaw searches for "Schoenberg", made during the lawsuit between the University of Southern California and the heirs of Arnold Schoenberg, which resulted in the departure of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute from Los Angeles to Vienna (16 items: 1995-1997) 4 Apr. 1995 (43pp.), 11 Apr. 1995 (11pp.), 18 Apr. 1995 (37pp.), 25 Apr. 1995 (17pp.), 2 May 1995 (43pp.), 9 May 1995 (217pp.), 23 May 1995 (117pp.), 30 May 1995 (33pp.), 6 June 1995 (7pp.), 27 June 1995 (75pp.), 11 July 1995 (98pp.), 20 July 1995 (51pp.), 1 Aug. 1995 (42pp.), 15 Aug. 1995 (21pp.), 29 Aug. 1995 (51pp.), [10 Sep.] 1995 (17pp.), 19 Sep. 1995 (45pp.), 26 Sep. 1995 (9pp.), 3 Oct. 1995 (7pp.), 10 Oct. 1995 (22pp.), 15 Dec. 1995 (77pp.), 5 Mar. 1996 (13pp.), 12 Mar. 1996 (35pp.), 26 Mar. 1996 (29pp.), 9 Apr. 1996 (36pp.), 16 Apr. 1996 (56pp.), 21 May 1996 (69pp.), 28 May 1996 (17pp.), 4 June 1996 (32pp.), 18 June 1996 (18pp.), 16 July 1996 (23pp.), 30 July 1996 (22pp., 72pp.), 1 Oct. 1996 (42pp.), 15 Oct. 1996 (50pp.), [30 Oct.] 1996 (8pp.), 7 Jan 1997 (41pp.), 20 Feb. (96pp.), 22 Sep. (227pp.)

Music cited

Clippings: op. 7, Die Jakobsleiter, Moses und Aron, Pierrot lunaire, Von heute auf morgen
Programs: Adagio for String Ensemble and Harp (1897-1898). Op. 42
Video: Moses und Aron

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