Rosen, Judith

Collection, 1986-1992: 4 folders (75 leaves, 1 book, 1 booklet, 33 photographs, 1 sound recording, 1 video recording), also uncounted articles, clippings, programs, recordings, etc.

Judith Rosen--founding president of the longer-lived second incarnation (1985-1993) of the Friends of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute. She and her husband, lawyer Ron Rosen, are very actively involved in the concert life of Los Angeles.


articles (2 items: 1991)
book, Grazyna Bacewicz by Rosen (Los Angeles: 1984)
booklet, Experience USC (1991)
clippings (4 items: 1991)
correspondence (14 items: 1986-1993) with Georg Eisler, et al.
photographs (33 items: 1990-1992) of Pelham Hall (Schoenberg's Brookline residence), fundraiser at Henry Mancini's house, the Schoenberg exhibit in Manchester, Ivan Vojtech, Judith & Ron Rosen, et al.
programs (14+ items: 1986-1993)
sound recordings (3-4 items: 1990-1993)
video recordings (1 item: 1986)


ASI (R. Wayne Shoaf (5 items: 1986-1992))
Judith Rosen (6 items: 1990-1993)
University of California at Los Angeles (Lawrence Kruger (1 item: 1990))
University of Southern California School of Music (Christian Kiefer (1 item: 1992))
Stephanie Vlahos (1 item: 1993)

Music cited

Programs: Opp. 4, 15, 21, Brettllieder, etc.
Recordings: Op. 21

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