Rosé, Maria C.

Collection, 1909-1981: 1 folder (17 leaves)

Maria Rosé--related to the violinist Arnold Rosé (1863-1946) of the Rosé Quartet, which gave the first performances of Schoenberg's Opp. 4, 7, 9, and 10 (Vienna, 1903-1908).


correspondence (11 items: 1909-1981)


ASI (Clara Steuermann (3 items: 1980-1981))
Arnold Rosé (1 item: [n.d.]) to Schoenberg
Maria C. Rosé (4 items: 1980-1981)
Arnold Schoenberg (3 items: [n.d.]-1909) to Justine Mahler Rosé, Arnold Rosé

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