Pierpont Morgan Library (New York)

Collection, 1895-1988: 12 folders (699 leaves, 1 pamphlet, 5 photographs), 2 books, 4 microfilms

The Pierpont Morgan Library grew out of the private collection of the financier Pierpont Morgan. The building housing the collection was built in 1902. In 1924 the collection became a public reference library. Two collections in the Library have important Schoenberg holdings--the Mary Flagler Cary Music Collection, and the Robert Owen Lehman Collection.


finding aids (5 items)
correspondence (70 items: 1895-1988) with George Bainton, Alban Berg, Marya Freund, Serge Koussevitzky, Karl Moll, Max Oppenheimer, Leslie Rogers, Arnold Rosé, Georg Schönberg, Karl Weigl, et al.
books (2 items), Nineteenth-century autograph music manuscripts in the Pierpont Morgan Library (1982), The Mary Flagler Cary Music Collection (1970)
photographs (5 items) of Schoenberg self portrait, Dolbin Schoenberg portrait, Op. 21 manuscript pages
music manuscripts (Schoenberg's Opp. 9 (5 leaves), 15 (9 leaves), 17 (75 leaves), 21 (97 leaves), 27 (4 leaves), "Aus den 'Fluchtlingssonnetten vom Jahr 1849'" (3 leaves), "Dass schon die Maienzeit vorüber" (2 leaves), "Ecloge" (3 leaves), "Gedenken" (2 leaves), Grazioso (1 leaf), Gurre-Lieder (190 leaves), Kräftig (1 leaf), "Mädchenlied" (2 leaves), "Mein Herz das ist ein tiefer Schacht" (2 leaves), Moses und Aron (79 leaves), "Ein Schilflied" (4 leaves), Ständchen (3 leaves), "Wie müssen Geliebteste leise" (1 leaf))


ASI (Jerry McBride (2 items: 1983), R. Wayne Shoaf (2 items: 1986), Leonard Stein (1 item: 1976), Clara Steuermann (8 items: 1975-1978))
Mary Wallace Davidson (1 item: 1974)
Pierpont Morgan Library (Herbert Cahoon (2 items: 1974-1975), Donna McCombes (1 item: 1987), C.A. Ryskamp (1 item: 1987), J. Rigbie Turner (4 items: 1975-1983))
Arnold Schoenberg (48 items: 1895-1950)

Music cited

Scores: Opp. 9, 15, 17, 21, 27, Aus den "Fluchtlingssonnetten vom Jahr 1849", "Dass schon die Maienzeit vorüber", "Ecloge", "Gedenken", Grazioso, Gurre-Lieder, Kräftig, "Mädchenlied", "Mein Herz das ist ein tiefer Schacht", Moses und Aron, "Ein Schilflied", Ständchen, "Wie müssen Geliebteste leise"

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