Lateiner, Jacob, 1928-

Collection, 1919-1985: 1 folder (68 leaves, 35 photographs, 1 recording)

Jacob Lateiner--American pianist, studied at the Curtis Institute, and worked in the chamber music classes of William Primrose and Gregor Piatagorsky. He has performed as a soloist with major orchestras throughout the United States. He studied privately with Schoenberg in 1950. He has collected Schoenbergiana since that time.


contract (Malkin Conservatory, 1933)
correspondence (33 items: 1919-1985)
Schoenberg dedications (3 items: 1916-1942)
Schoenberg picture, musical incipit, Pierrot lunaire title page
program (1 item: 1919)
recording (1 item: 1993) of oral history interview by Paul Zukofsky with transcript
Sigmund Freud item
Pierrot lunaire material (3 leaves)


ASI (Jerry McBride (3 items: 1981-1985), Clara Steuermann (4 items: 1977-1978))
Jacob Lateiner (4 items: 1977-1985)
Ernst Krenek (1 item: 1938)
Arnold Schoenberg (21 items: 1919-1950)

Music cited

Program, etc.: Opp. 3, 6, 9, 21                                                           

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