Lambro, Phillip, 1935-

Collection, 1945-1997: 2 folders (211 leaves, 6 recordings) leaves)

Phillip Lambro--American composer and conductor who recorded for the film industry. He worked in the publicity department of G. Schirmer (Schoenberg's primary American publisher) in New York (1960-1963).


excerpt of memoirs documenting Lambro's time at G. Schirmer (2 versions: 81 and 77 leaves), including transcripts and photocopies of Schoenberg/G. Schirmer correspondence
catalog, G. Schirmer (photocopy) (ca. 1949)
correspondence (41 items: 1945-1997)
programs (7 items: 1964-1987)
publicity brochure on Lambro (3 copies)
recordings (6 cassettes, noncommercial)


ASI (R. Wayne Shoaf (1 item: 1990))
Phillip Lambro (3 items: 1990, 1997)
Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra Trumpet Section (Irving Bush (1 item: 1981))
G. Schirmer (Hans Heinsheimer (14 items: 1947-1950))
Arnold Schoenberg (21 items: 1945-1950)
Leopold Stokowski (1 item: 1963)

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