Internationale Schönberg-Gesellschaft (Vienna)

Collection, 1931-1995: 3 folders (88 leaves, 1 book, 9 booklets, 29 periodicals, 6 photographs)

Internationale Schönberg-Gesellschaft--founded (1972) by Walter Szmolyan (b. 1929) in Vienna. The Gesellschaft established a documentation and research center for the Second Vienna School in the house where Schoenberg lived (1918-1925) in Mödling, near Vienna. The Gesellschaft has organized three international congresses (1974, 1984, 1993). The proceedings of two of the congresses have been published. The principal organ of the Society is the Internationale Schönberg-Gesellschaft Mitteilungen (1986- ).


finding aid, handwritten list of some correspondence at the Mödling-Haus
announcements (2 items: 1979-1980) for events occurring at the Mödling Schoenberg house
article (1 item: 1995) from the Österreichische Musikzeitschrift about the Anton Webern symposium (June 1995)
book, Bericht über den 1. Kongress der Internationalen Schönberg-Gesellschaft (Vienna: Elisabeth Lafite, 1978)
booklets (9 items: 1974-1976) for events sponsored by the International Schönberg-Gesellschaft
Clippngs (9 items: 1920-1944)
correspondence (34 items: 1931-1996)
music (1 item: 1923) String Quartet No. 1 op. 7, with dedication by Arnold Schönberg to Felix Greissle
newsletters (3 items: 1978-1980), Internationale Schönberg-Gesellschaft Tätigkeitsbericht
obituary (1 item: 1995) for Walter Szmolyan
periodicals (29 items: 1986-1995), Internationale Schönberg-Gesellschaft Mitteilungen, Österreichische Musikzeitschrift
photographs (6 items: 1990-1992) of Richard Hoffmann, Wayne Shoaf, Leonard Stein in Mödling and the Schoenberg Mödling house
reports (4 items: 1994-1996) regarding activities and finances of the Internationale Schönberg-Gesellschaft
"Schoenberg seminars" (8 items: programs, clippings, advertisements: 1981)


ASI (Jerry McBride (2 items: 1986), R. Wayne Shoaf (7 items: 1987-1994))
Internationale Schönberg-Gesellschaft (Elisabeth Lafite (5 items: 1991-1995), Walter Szmolyan (8 items: 1981-1995), Siegrid Wiesmann (2 items: 1986, 1994))
Joseph Trauneck (9 items: 1931-1950)


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