Gradenwitz, Peter, 1910–2001

Collection, 1926-1951: 1 folder (44 leaves)

Peter Gradenwitz--German musicologist, son-in-law of Georg Wolfsohn (Schönberg's doctor in Berlin). In 1936 Gradenwitz emigrated to Israel, where he taught at the University in Tel Aviv. Gradenwitz wrote a book about Schönberg's masterclass at the Academy of Art in Berlin and Schönberg's Fourth String Quartet; lectures at the Arnold Schönberg Center in 1999 and 2000.


Correspondence -- 28 items (1926–2000)
Dedication of Schönberg’s book “Style and Idea” to Georg Wolfsohn at the occasion of his 70th birthday -- 1 item (1951)
Music manuscript -- 2 item (1931)
Text manuscript -- 1 item (1950s?; Helene Wolfsohn's memories of Schönberg in Berlin

Peter Gradenwitz to Nuria Schoenberg -- 1 item (2000)
Arnold Schönberg to Peter Gradenwitz and Georg Wolfsohn -- 27 items (1926–1951)

Mirror canon for Georg Wolfsohn at the occasion of his 50th birthday, dated “Berlin 1. April 1931”

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