Gaber, Harley

Collection, 1977-1980: 2 folders (76 leaves), 1 book, 1 oversize folder

Harley Gaber--American composer. He created a series of "painted photo-silkscreen portraits" on the subject of Arnold Schoenberg.


announcements (2 items: 1978), "A limited edition of prints by Harley Gaber", "Lingua Press announces Collection 2"
book, The Lingua Press Collection 2 (Nov. 1977)
catalog (1 item: 1980), Lingua Press published works 1975-1980
correspondence (7 items: 1978-1980) with Harley Gaber, et al.
picture postcard (1 item: 1978?), "no. 1 from Minion for Arnold Schoenberg" (3 copies)
portraits (15 items: 1978), Minion for Arnold Schoenberg.


ASI (Clara Steuermann (5 items: 1978-1980))
Lingua Press (Kenneth Gaburo (2 items: 1978-1979))

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