Satellite Collections [C11]
Columbia University (New York)

Collection, 1948-1982: 1 folder (94 leaves)

Columbia University--founded (1754) in New York City. Schoenberg once unsuccessfully approached the Columbia University Press, asking it to publish his Structural Functions of Harmony.


finding aid (1 item), catalog cards of Schoenberg entries in the Columbia University manuscript collections
correspondence (59 items: 1948-1982) with Douglas Moore, Paul Henry Lang, et al.
minutes (1 item: 1951)


ASI (Jerry McBride (2 items: 1982))
Columbia University (Bernard R. Crystal (1 item: 1982), Kenneth A. Lohf (1 item: 1982))
Columbia University Press (Henry H. Wiggins (3 items: 1948))
W.W. Norton & Co. (Addison Burnham (11 items: 1948), Robert E. Farlow (2 items: 1959), Storer B. Lunt (13 items: 1948-1955), Howard P. Wilson (1 item: 1948), unidentified (1 item: 1948))
Arnold Schoenberg (14 items: 1928-1948)
Gertrud Schoenberg (10 items: 1951-1964)

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