Satellite Collections [C8]
Citroen, Hans

Collection, 1932-1979: 1 folder (12 leaves)

Hans Citroen--of The Hague in The Netherlands, knew P.W.A.G. Cort van der Linden. Cort van der Linden was the purchaser (at auction) of three Schoenberg letters, and was the nephew of Rudolph Cort van der Linden. Rudolph Cort van der Linden was a student of Schoenberg, and the recipient of the letters.


correspondence (7 items: 1932-1979) with Hans Citroen, et al.


ASI (Leonard Stein (1 item: 1977), Clara Steuermann (2 items: 1977-1979))
P.W.A.G. Cort van der Linden (1 item: 1979)
Arnold Schoenberg (3 items: 1932-1933)

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