British Library (London)

Collection, 1921-1980: 1 folder (96 leaves), 1 microfilm

The British Library, prior to 1973 the library of the British Museum--founded in 1753. Located in London, it is the British national repository for collections in all fields. It has a very broad and deep collection in music.


correspondence (32 items: 1921-1980) with British Broadcasting Corporation (Edward Clark), et al.


ASI (Clara Steuermann (4 items: 1979))
British Library (Arthur Searle (1 item: 1980), Rachel Stockdale (1 item: 1979), Pamela Willetts (1 item: 1977))
Arnold Schoenberg (23 items: 1921-1933, 1949)
Gertrud Schoenberg (1 item: 1954)
Lawrence Schoenberg (1 item: 1977)

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