Bernstein, Martin

Collection, 1934-1985: 1 folder (37 leaves, 13 photographs)

Martin Bernstein – member of the faculty (1924-1972) and chairman (1955-1972) of the music department at New York University until his retirement. He was also a bassist in the New York Philharmonic (1926-1928). He wrote An Introduction to Music (1937). Bernstein met Schoenberg in 1934 in Chautauqua, New York, when Schoenberg spent the summer there, and was instrumental in encouraging Schoenberg to write the Suite for String Orchestra. See Journal of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute XI/2 (Nov. 1988) pp. 158-162 for a description of Bernstein's Chautauqua experience with Schoenberg.


correspondence (24 items: 1934-1985)
photographs (14 items: 1934) of Schoenberg & family & Bernstein in Chautauqua (4 items)
correspondence (29 items)
receipt (1976)


ASI (Jerry McBride (3 items: 1985), Clara Steuermann (11 items: 1976-1977))
Martin Bernstein (7 items: 1976-1977, 1984-1985)
Arnold Schoenberg (5 items: 1934)
Gertrud Schoenberg (1 item: 1965)
The Scriptorium / Charles Sachs (2 items: 1976)


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