Arnold Schönberg Center (Vienna) collection

Collection, 1951-1974: 1 folder, 1 book, 1 sheet of postage stamps, 1 letter, 1 program

The collection contains historical publications and items linked to Arnold Schönberg with unidentified provenance.


book (1 item, 1911), Albert Giraud/Otto Erich Hartleben: Pierrot lunaire. Mit vier Musikstücken ovn Otto Vrieslander. München: Georg Müller 1912
auction item illustration (1 item, 1923), letter from Alexander Zemlinsky concerning Verein für musikalische Privataufführungen Prag
sheet of postage stamps (50 items: 1974)  includes 50 stamps portraying Arnold Schönberg of the Republic of Austria, each worth 2,50 Schillings
empty envelope (1 item: 1913) adressed to Josef Winternitz
program (1 item: 1931) Jakobsleiter, public lecture


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